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Weekend in Venice

May 28, 2020

Ahh, beautiful and smelly Venezia. Well, it only smells after a flood, which we were lucky enough to experience… Overall though, Venice is an amazing place that is worth a visit. The architecture alone is awe worthy, I can just sit in Palazzo Ducale and admire the Venetian Gothic style for days. Though Venice is beautiful, it is quite a tourist trap, be sure to do research on restaurants, bars, sights before you get there. The last thing you want is to walk into a restaurant where the waiters are outside trying to lure you in. If they have good food they don’t have to sit outside and beg you to come in. Some worthy stops are the Cannaregio, of Jewish ghetto neighborhood, its less touristy so theres plenty of space to just walk, take photos and enjoy the beautiful buildings. They also have the most local restaurants. Torrefazione Cannaregio was THE COFFEE spot for us. Although it costs money, climbing to the top of St Mark’s Campanile was so worth it. You can see all of Venice! Go at sunset for even more amazing light for photos (you’ll see some below)

Ullamcorper Convallis